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About the Soundtrack

Newly released, our Camp Song was an immediate hit! Sung by Mordechai ben David (who sang the original, "Kol Dodi," on his album We Are One), this moving and stirring melody awakens feelings of aspiration that lay dormant in the heart. It is sure to have you on your feet within seconds - either dancing and jumping to the beat, or running as far and as fast as you possibly can. Download MP3


See your company's advertisement in FULL COLOUR on our fancy-shmancy webpage, obviously in exchange for some gelt. Your business will be booming and your company will be famous when all of our campers (and their parents and siblings and cousins and neighbors and cousin-neighbors) see your shpitz flashy ad! Your name could be right beside the big ones like "Get away on Shabbos Chazon at a luxury hotel in Yehupitzville, Maryland! Good food nearing the amount served by seudas Achashveirosh and a lot of music from famous singers and lectures from famous speakers." You get the picture.